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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic
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🐵Win a Nintendo Switch & Unruly Heroes🐵

Our team Magic Design Studios is happy to collaborate with Jacksepticeye for the launch of Unruly Heroes !

To celebrate that and the Chinese New Year, we are hosting a community contest for fans to create their very own Unruly Heroes Melody.

The contest, which will be open for 4 weeks, encourages fans to create an original melody using the tunes of each level via the level select menu. We will have a look at all entries submitted using the #UnrulyHeroes hashtag and we will pick our favorite to win a Nintendo Switch and a version of Unruly Heroes for Nintendo’s platform.

⬇️ Check the rules below ⬇️

🎵 Entry process & Winner Selection

1- Create and record your very own original Unruly Heroes song, using the in-game level select menu.

HINT: Complete more levels to make a better song! Each level plays an individual musical note/tune, so by switching fast between levels, you can compose your own melody!

2- Upload the video with your original tune to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #UnrulyHeroes

Songs must be posted publicly in a video format, so that they can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and show the judges your skills!

Our dev team will collect all submissions and pick the final winner!

🎵 Participation Period

The contest will open on February 5th, 2019 10:00 pm PST and will close on March 5th, 2019 10:00 pm PST.

🎵 Prizes

The contest winner will receive a digital copy of our game Unruly Heroes for Nintendo Switch as well as a Nintendo Switch console on which the game can be played. The winners can select with color version they prefer!

🎵 Eligibility Criteria

The #UnrulyHeroes hashtag must be used for the entry to be recognized by the developers on social networks Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Good luck! 🐵

Here's a example:


Terms and Conditions of participation for contests on various official social media channels of Magic Design Studios.

These terms and conditions govern your participation in the contests organized by Magic Design Studios. Before you enter the individual contest, please read these terms and conditions carefully. You must agree to and abide by the terms and conditions of Magic Design Studios contests. The more detailed information related to each contest, including the contest rules, participation period, prizes, eligibility criteria and other such matters, are determined by Magic Design Studios and communicated to all participants in the contest notice or otherwise.

1. Eligibility All contests are brought to you by Magic Design Studios and will be governed by these rules. Each contest is open to legal residents of their respective countries where not prohibited by law, who are 14 years of age or older at the time of entry and who have Internet access and a valid email account. All decisions of Magic Design Studios regarding this competition are final. Employees, directors, officers and principals of Magic Design Studios, its subsidiaries, affiliates, contractors, agents and members of their immediate families or households are not eligible to participate.

2. Contest Rules Participation in the contest is free of charge. Each participant may make as many submissions to the contest as they wish. Please note that you need to submit your entry prior to the given deadline in order to qualify for the contest. Magic Design Studios may cancel or suspend the contest or otherwise alter the contest rules if that is reasonably necessary, for example, due to technical problems, or other such reasons not controlled by Magic Design Studios. Magic Design Studios will not consider any participant who is acting in violation of these contest terms, the contest rules or the relevant policies of Magic Design Studios or in an inappropriate or disruptive manner.

3. Prizes All prizes are personal and non-transferable and no substitutions of prizes will be available (except that Magic Design Studios reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value for any prize).

4. Selection of Winners Magic Design Studios and the Unruly Heroes development team shall select all winners via judging process from all eligible entries. Magic Design Studios will confirm the results via Magic Design Studios social networks on 6th of March at 10am (PST)/7pm (CET)/1pm(EST) and this decision by Magic Design Studios is final and binding. Winners will be notified via the specific social media channel or via email. Magic Design Studios will notify the winners together with instructions on how to claim the prize. If the prizes are sent by post, please note that you are responsible for the accuracy of your address. Winners will be responsible for all applicable taxes on any prizes they win. Each entrant is responsible for monitoring his/her social media account for prize notification and receipt or other communications related to each contest. Entitlement to the prize expires if the winner does not claim the prize within seven days of notification by Magic Design Studios. In such cases, a substitute winner shall be determined by the same procedure. No guarantee is assumed for the announcement of the winners.

5. Privacy Policy/Data protection The information submitted with your contest entry will only be used by Magic Design Studios in accordance with applicable data protection regulations and the privacy policy of Magic Design Studios website for the purposes of administering your participation in the contest.

By participating in the contests and providing your contact details (if you are a contest winner), you expressly consent to Magic Design Studios storing the necessary data for the duration of the mailout of the prizes. Magic Design Studios points out that your personal data will not be made accessible to third parties, unless this is necessary in the course of the contest or for the distribution of prizes. The winners agree to the publication of their name.

The stored data will be used by Magic Design Studios for market research, marketing and advertising purposes only if this is permitted by law or if you have given your express consent. You have the right to information about the use of your data and can revoke your consent given at any time.

6. Transfer of Intellectual Property Rights You consent that in the case that you are among the winners of the contest, you transfer all exclusive intellectual property rights in your entry in all media to Magic Design Studios, including, but not limited to copyright and design rights, especially the rights of reproduction, distribution, editing, making publicly available, transmission, advertising and merchandising. You agree that Magic Design Studios may transfer those rights to third parties including the developer of Unruly Heroes.

If you are below the age of 18, your parents will have to give their approval. If no approval is given within 14 days after Magic Design Studio’s request, Magic Design Studios may revoke the prize and nominate a substitute winner.

7. Exclusion of participants, termination of contests Magic Design Studios is entitled to not consider an individual’s participation if justified reasons exist, e.g. undue influence on the contest, manipulations, etc. In such cases, prizes may also be withdrawn and reclaimed at a later date.

Magic Design Studios may terminate or interrupt the contest at any time for good cause without prior notice. This applies in particular to such reasons that would disrupt or prevent the scheduled course of the contest.

8. Law and Jurisdiction These terms are governed by French law and any claim or matter arising out of these terms shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of France. Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

9. Contact

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