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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic

Magic Design Studios is an indie game studio located in Montpellier (France), known for having a high concentration of video game veterans (you should visit this city. It’s cool and sunny).

We focus on the creation of high-quality entertainment content. Our mission is to build exciting worlds and offer unforgottable experiences for players.

The core team has a solid experience in the video game industry.

A lot of the team members have worked at Ubisoft on titles such as Rayman, Raving Rabbids, Splinter Cell, Assassin's Creed, Valiant Hearts, Ghost Recon Wildlands (and many other series). The other members come from the indie games sphere.

Our first game Unruly Heroes is available since January 2019 on consoles and PC.

We're currently working on Have a Nice Death, a 2D hand-drawn hack'n'scythe roguelike, already available in Early Access on Steam. 

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