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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic
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As a sprawling corporate empire, Death Inc. has many morbidly-themed departments for you to explore!

In this new trailer for Have a Nice Death, you can take a carefree tour of Death Inc., your new home away from home... forever!

Death Inc. is the Underworld’s leading mega corporation in charge of processing souls into the afterlife. As a sprawling corporate empire, Death Inc. has many morbidly-themed departments -- like the Industrial Pollution Department, which oozes with charm, and the Physical Illness Department that’ll take your breath away.

Each department is run by a powerful executive, known as a “Sorrow”, but unfortunately for you, they've been running rampant -- leaving you with more work to do, so you’ll have to overcome their deadly abilities and show them who’s boss.

Let’s take visit each department, shall we?

Department 1: Hall of Eternity

  • Sorrow: Brad

  • To put things right in the Hall of Eternity before you get started on the misbehaving departments, make sure Brad, the Chief of Security, gets back to work!

Department 2: Industrial Pollution

  • Sorrow: Mr. Gordon Grimes

  • Since the Industrial Revolution, this department has really blossomed and shows no sign of stopping. Head of Industrial Pollution, Mr. Gordon Grimes, dove headlong into his work… and into a vat of the most toxic substances possible.

Department 3: Physical Illness

  • Sorrow: Mr. Hector Krank

  • The department that some try to avoid with extremely annoying exercise, the Physical Illness Department has seen spikes in recent years, no doubt in part to Mr. Hector Krank’s over-the-top efforts.

Department 4: Addictions

  • Sorrow: Maxxx

  • A secretive but all the same devastating department, Addictions is run by Maxxx, the enigmatic and unsettling Sorrow.

Department 5: Modern Warfare

  • Sorrow: Major Warren Pliskhan

  • A department of less conversation and all action, Modern Warfare has been a catastrophically constant performer at Death Inc., but Sorrow Major Warren Pliskhan has his sights on even more bloodshed.

Department 6: Toxic Food-Processing Department

  • Sorrow: Waldo

  • A relatively new department in Death Inc., that’s shot up the ranks. Waldo wears a smile, but he is all work and no play… because his play is his work.

Department 7: Natural Disasters

  • Sorrow: Ms. Catherine Imamura

  • A department that has existed since time immemorial and shows no sign of downsizing, Natural Disasters is run by the powerful and confident Catherine Imamura.

Department 8: Time


    • Time and time again, he's made the department quite complicated to understand, hiding his incompetence as a majority shareholder...

  • Inevitable Time Department is a Category Alpha quantum aberration built around a time paradox. It is a maze-like vessel filled with sand, dust and tic-toc sounds, that is difficult to represent and always busy due to the nature of the universe. Its existence is millennia-old and its work creates complications. There's a mysterious Sorrow who runs the department.


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