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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic
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Can you weather the storm in Have a Nice Death's latest update?

  • New World: The Natural Disasters Department – Discover and explore a new twisted world, the Natural Disasters Department. Experience a world a world torn asunder by the destructive forces of the natural world, from ferocious hurricanes to devasting tornados. This new world introduces the following new content:

  • New Bosses – Go up against one new Sorrow (boss) and one new mini-boss (Thanager) as you dive deeper into the update’s new world.

  • New Sorrow – Catherine Imamura, a mighty empress who has the power to create clones of herself and unleash powerful water-based spells.

  • New Thanager - Horace Sinistrocirrus, a giant storm cloud opera singer, has a full arsenal of deadly lightning attacks. Once he starts singing, be prepared to dodge lightning strikes that only get more intense over time.

  • New Enemies - While exploring the dangerous world that is the Natural Disasters Department, be prepared to hack’n’scythe through five new elemental enemies that can burn you to a crisp, pound you to the ground and more.

New NPC - Meet the new NPC, Ms. Muriel the Reverent, an artist and performer who’s the painter behind the wondrous works of art in the Lobby.

New Curses, New Spells and a New Weapon – Ten new curses, two brand new spells: like the Sepulchral Ray -- an instant-death ray that detonate enemies – and a new long-ranged scythe weapon, the Billhooks, that lets you easily scythe down enemies from a distance.

New Lore - The lore within the Underworld continues to grow as you can dive into new character stories, worker guide descriptions and over 900 lines of dialogue.

New Training Room – Test out your new weapons, spells and curses and make-up your own character builds in the new training room that can be found in the Lobby.

New Features Based on Community Feedback - In response to player feedback, Magic Design Studios has implemented the following new improvements to the game in this new update:

  • Challenge Rooms: Throughout your adventure, you can now stumble upon new Challenge Rooms that will put your hack’n’scythe skills to the ultimate test. Complete tough challenges in just a limited amount of time to earn special rewards.

  • Run Summary: After a run’s been completed, you can get a complete breakdown of it run by interacting with Pitbook.

  • Curses Encyclopedia: Dive into this new encyclopedia to see all the curses you’ve acquired across your adventure in Death Inc.

“Quality-of Death” Fixes - Modifications to the combat system, along with difficulty, frenzy attack and food adjustments changes have been made to improve the overall gameplay experience.


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