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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic
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Have a Nice Death Roadmap#1

A Note from the Developers

Greetings Mortals,

We wanted to officially welcome you to Death Incorporated, home of Have a Nice Death.

When we first came up with the concept for this game, we knew we wanted to create an unforgettable Roguelike experience with our own dark and charming twist. We brought this vision to life by melding detailed animation with top-class action gameplay.

We understand that achieving this goal will not be possible without the support of our community. That’s where Early Access comes in. This pivotal stage in the game’s life cycle will be used as a method of refining Have a Nice Death in tandem with our growing community. Over the course of Early Access, we’ll be gathering feedback directly from our players to help shape the game.

As you explore the halls of Death Inc for the very first time, we wanted to remind you that this is just the beginning for Have a Nice Death. Throughout the coming months, we will be releasing regular content updates which add new Mortality Departments, enemies, weapons, curses, spells and other surprises!

We could keep talking about Have a Nice Death until we’re six feet under, but instead we’ll let you hop into the game before the paperwork piles up.

Thank you for taking the time to explore Death Inc and we sincerely hope you Have a Nice Death!

-Magic Design Studios

1 commentaire

OliverPlays 40
OliverPlays 40
03 avr. 2022
  1. Très cool, j'ai hâte de jouer à la version complète du jeu !

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