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This is your last chance to get Have a Nice Death at the Steam Early Access discount price.

Have a Nice Death is nearing the official 1.0 launch date of March 22, 2023! Throughout the Steam Early Access period, the game has expanded with tons of new content. Four major updates, including our recent Executive Decisions update, added new worlds, bosses, difficulty levels, and a slew of quality-of-death features. Death may be little, but his game is BIG. The 1.0 update will include another full world, set of features, and conclude the narrative journey of Death. As we get ready to move out of Early Access to release a full game, we're now announcing that on February 13, 2023 at 9:00am PT, Have a Nice Death will be available for $24.99. Any purchase made before that time will still get the full game at the Early Access price.

The full release of Have a Nice Death will include all of the delightfully morbid content, including content from previous major updates, that fans have loved in the Early Access version of the game. Additionally, it will introduce a haul of new features, including one new world filled with new bosses, mini-bosses and enemies, along with new story content that will bring the epic conclusion of the main storyline. Players may also find new clues about the culprit behind all of Death's woes. Mortals who have played the Early Access version will be able use their save file(s) for the 1.0 release of the game.

Below is the detailed list of features for the launch version of Have a Nice Death releasing on March 22:

  • Welcome to Death Incorporated – Discover and explore the seven darkly-charming, procedurally-generated departments of Death Inc., where you’ll meet a diverse cast of memorable characters—like your affable pumpkin-headed assistant, Pump Quinn—who are always willing to share the latest office gossip.

  • Reap What You Sow –Sharpen your skills (and scythe) through fast-paced hack n’ slash combat, utilizing over 70 unique weapons and spells you can find and upgrade to create devastating combinations.

  • Death Never Sleeps –Since Death can’t die, use what you’ve learned and earned to overcome the numerous minions and bosses in each department of Death Incorporated... over and over. A performance review after every run guarantees that you’ll unlock interesting items and upgrades that will help you progress on your journey.

  • When Life Gives You Curses – Taking more power for yourself is a controversial move in Death Incorporated’s company culture. For instance, adopting a Curse upgrade for yourself might result in the Labor Inspector granting your subordinates enhanced powers, or worse, raising the cost of koffee and other items that are vital to your work output.

  • Prove You’re the Best Underworld Boss – After completing your first adventure across Death, Inc. there's still work that needs to be done to prove you’re the best boss there is. From completing special challenges and trying out recently-unlocked difficulty modes that feature unique modifiers to earning rewards to complete your Pitbook by getting all the weapons, spells, curses and upgrades – your “to-do” list is far from completed.

  • You Call the Shots – Make your playthrough the most optimal experience that’s right for you, boss. With various accessibility options at your disposal, including adjusting sound and language settings, and full controller remapping functionality support -- you’re free to fully customize your experience before hacking’n’scything away.


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