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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic
  • Photo du rédacteurMagic Design Studios

¡ Gracias Barcelona ! 🙏

We thought that Paris Games Week'18 was our last event before the release of the game, but we were wrong (and that's a good thing).

Unruly Heroes is part of the Games Startup Competition winners (Best PC Games) that allows dev teams to showcase their game during the Barcelona Games World. ✌️✌️✌️

Lucky us, Barcelona is a great city (and not so far from Montpelllier), so of course, we jumped at the chance to go there!😊

It's the first time for our team that we showcased Unruly Heroes in Spain. And we met very nice people. Always cool to see gamers, dev, friends and families enjoying Unruly Heroes. Again, it's motivating us during this final line of the production.


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