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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic
  • Photo du rédacteurMagic Design Studios

Celebrate 1st Anniversary and Lunar New Year 🎊

🐀 春节快乐 ! 鼠年大吉

Pronounce: chūn jiē yú kuài ! shǔ nián Dà jí.

Happy New Year under the sign of the Metal Rat! 🤘 (starting the 25th January)

In the chinese astrology, it is said that people born under the sign of the rat are curious, intelligent but also very nervous (does it sound like you?).

For everyone, this year under the sign of the Rat will be filled with adventure and passion. We wish you a year to embark on new projects, and make great decisions.

🎂 Happy Birthday!

Today, it’s been a whole year since Unruly Heroes come into the world to kung fu them all!

  • To celebrate, the game is enhanced by Chinese Voices in game (select in the option menu).

  • Also, get the game for you or your buddies with 40% off on Nintendo Switch, Steam and XboxOne!

Note: update will be available

23th January : Nintendo Switch USA/EU/AUS, Steam, Xbox One

30th January: Nintendo Switch Japan

Update for PS4 and GOG will be coming soon.

  • If you'd like to refresh your wardrobe or interior design for 2020, have a look to our Magic Design Studios store ! Tshirt, hoodies, stickers, mugs and co. Don't hesitate to share us your ideas for new stuff. Psst: You can also try to win digital code and goodies through our social media.

💌 Love you

We’re incredibly touched by the response the game has received from press and public and we can’t thank our community enough for playing it.

For now, we can't say more about what we're scheduling for this year, but we keep you update as soon as possible.


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