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Unruly Heroes, video game, action, adventure, XboxOne, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 4K, epic
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Simon, Lead Game Designer, is here to usher us into the Launch Update for Have a Nice Death!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! (Never too late to say that.)

A new chapter starts for everyone, including at Death, INC. Let's dive right back to work then.

Last December, we have released our last content patch which had a lot of various changes that the community and our team asked for. So far so good. Thanks to everyone that has played it since. It was a pretty major patch.

The next one will be the end of the early access for HAVE A NICE DEATH. Finally 1.0 version! it was a nice trip with all of you and we are proud of everything that has been accomplished. From new Thanagers, rework of some systems, to finally DESTROYING the infuse mana curses... lot of changes. We hope you all are very excited for March 22.

Since it is the 1.0 version, we have taken some step back and looked to polish everything that felt a bit wobbly. This includes some balancing changes, from tiny changes like enemy behavior to make them more reactive, reworked some pickups... quite a lot of things than can go unnoticed but should amount to a better final experience. Then, the best part of the patch will be geared toward the END. Yes, finally you will be able to discover who is behind all of the trouble at DEATH INC and doesn't want Death to go on vacations?

Maybe you have already figured it out, as there have some clues in the game. The discord was very active and shared some ideas. But, do you think you're right? In any case, you will discover a brand new world: New Sorrow, new Thanagers, new enemies and surprises. We are also adding as expected new cloak weapons, new spells and much more! Another thing we have been working on (you can stop asking for them now) are Achievements!

There are many more stuff being worked on, but we will let you discover them by yourself :)

To finish, and not wanting to sound like a broken record, Thank you for your support during this Early Access. The team is really thankful to the players and we are glad we could make this game together.

See you on March 22!



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