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Today we're talking about some learnings from our Infrastructure Development update and how we plan to improve Have a Nice Death for the future!

Hello Everyone,

It's Simon again, Lead Game Designer on Have a Nice Death. Are you ready for summer? Any vacations scheduled? (Death will be jealous)

Firstly, thank you everyone for your understanding with the delay of our last content update. It was a tough choice on our side but we ultimatetly decided we prefered for you to have a good experience without too many bugs than deliver on time but not optimal. We are commited so it doesn't have to happen again.

Also, more thanks for enthusiams and feedback about this upate. More and more of you are giving us interesting and important feedback. Thanks to our CM Marleine and our devoted moderators on Discord, our team has listened to what you felt could be improved. Althought a lot of it was already in the works.

What we noticed from you on this update:

  • You love LEON CLEAN

  • CAMILLE FLAGE is finally here (but maybe too easy for some of you)

  • You like ANIMAs now (but they might be too many)

  • JOCELYN is way too nice with you

  • You enjoy the new dialogs


GOOD NEWS EVERYONE, as the next update will tackle a lot of this. Again, I won't go into too many details but here's our plan for the next update:


We are very aware of the INFUSE Mana build and the fact that a lot of spell combos are ABSURD, or that Sacrifix / Vladislaw are way too powerful. We also feel that many cloak weapons are not as strong as some spell, but mainly because of multi hit or cooldown. Then, we know that now there are a lot more HEALING options and it makes the game way easier. We knew the introduction of the anima fountain and the GREEDY ANIMA system would make it easy to always have some healing but we figured since we were maybe a bit too harsh on release, we wanted to be nice to you... AT LEAST FOR ONE PATCH.


The last subject about balancing are the Sorrows / Thanagers. You have pointed out that Camille felt too easy for a W5 miniboss and it is not wrong but there is a underlying issue. It is not that Camille is weak, it is that the PLAYER is way too strong. I promise you if you fight Camille with no weapons and curses, she will kick you butt. But you are right, the later fights are less challenging to the nature of roguelike progression so we will look into this.


As you probably guessed on our last roadmap, the next update is about food! We are really happy about the feeling and the enemies of this new department. We hope you won't get any acid reflux. The next bit of info about this new content is that we will polish a lot of elements to give you a better general feeling.

We can't wait to release the next content update, but meanwhile there's still some work (and meetings!!) to do.

From all the team, thank you again for your support, feedback, fan art, and encouraging words.

See you soon,



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